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We specialize in working with local businesses that deserve to be considered #1 in town, helping them grow & scale using my connections with the media. If you feel your business has potential get in touch. We also help other brands gain visibility on the web through content and paid advertising.
In The Time Of Pandemic We Mainly Focus On  Helping 
Personal Coaches, Counselors, Therapists and other health specialists that can help bring back optimism, purpose and smile on people's faces...
Our speciality
Media & Local Businesses Growth Specialist
I’m known for getting local businesses the recognition they deserve, bringing them new customers, and helping them become the number one choice in town.

By applying my unique and highly effective media strategy, I can take any local business and drastically increase their exposure for a variety of products and services in a matter of months resulting in significant customer growth.

What I can do for your business is so effective initial results can be seen in days.

I can only work with a limited number of businesses and criteria is strict to maintain my media relations. If you are a business interested in improving your reputation, getting more recognition and exposure, and are in a position to handle more customers then get in touch to apply.
About Us.
Mor Art d.o.o. 
Primoz Pintar, Founder
Primoz Pintar is founder & CEO of Mor Art d.o.o.. His background as a founder of several successful businesses provides a unique perspective in media, brand recognition and positioning. He lives in Ljubljana with his wife and 2 children. When not conceptualizing new ways of helping local businesses get recognized and grow, he can usually be found with his family, or on the squash or tennis court...
Mor art d.o.o.
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